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We love lacrosse, our three sons all play lacrosse from March to August, lacrosse is what we do. So if you are the same take a look at our Lacrosse Nation lacrosse items, items we would want so we bring them to you.

Our best to you and thank you for your business!

Where does lacrosse come from? Lacrosse is the oldest sport in North America, with its origin dating back to the 1400s. It did not become generally known and talked about however, until the 1600s when a Jesuit missionary named Jean de Brebeuf saw the Huron Indians play it. In a report to his superiors, he stated little about the actual play of the game but seemed to be intrigued by the stick the Indians used while playing. Jean de Brebeuf likened the stick the Indians competed with, to the "crosier" carried at religious ceremonies by a bishop. Thus, the name la CROSSE evolved, and this later became simply "lacrosse."

A few words about the game… The summer season is big for rising juniors as the recruiting process will be in full bloom. Many players will be attending recruiting camps such as National Invitational 175 which is a new recruiting camp to be held in New York this summer. Team camps such as Brine Shootout and Champ Camp along with The Battle of the Hotbeds in Delaware are also big players in this process. Players want to be seen by coaches but also true are that coaches want to see players. For those who will be entering the recruiting season this summer we at Lacrosse Nation wish you the best of luck. Work hard, never be seen walking on or off the field and always be a team player. Coaches can always find someone that always wants to shoot and never pass. Lacrosse is a team game. Look back here soon for more news and opinions. We are a Lacrosse Nation Good luck to all who are going to Jake Reed and Top 205 this weekend!

This week is another big one for all. Tri-State, UMAS are just a few of the big recruiting tournaments that are being held this weekend. Tri-State is huge and will have the most teams and college coaches in attendance. As the summer heats up we will keep you informed on what’s going on. Many 2014’s are committing now. Tri State takes the cake for this weeks best tournament by far! Coaches all over this one.

The summer season is almost done. The Battle of the hotbeds is raging on. The Brine Shootout was played in some of the hottest conditions in recent memory but the boys all played on. Next week is the début of the National Invitational 175 recruiting camp at Union College. This new camp has hopes of supplementing Jake Reed as the premier recruiting camp for lacrosse. Judging by the names of those who are behind it I have no doubt it will give Jake Reed a sure run for his money and now that Under Amour is sponsoring the camp all the boys will be getting lots of swag for sure!

The Battle of the Hotbeds was just that! Some great play by some pretty good teams. The weather was a little better for the boys then was found during the Brine Shoot out. No 100 degree days. Some of the boys went almost straight to the National Invitational 175 camp. The new recruiting camp was a big hit and all the boys came away with some pretty nice gear from Under Armor. Coaches were at most every game and we must say that this camp may have just made a huge impact on the recruiting process. Nice job! LN

Now that the summer is over you all should be getting ready for fall ball. Many high school players are going to college recruit camps and in November the recruiting showcases return. Keep your sticks ready and your skills sharp! We will return soon with more updates! LN
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